• 3. MLESA UE7 – Multi Channel DMX Controller


    USB connection, 3 DMX512 universes in live mode (computer) 2 DMX512 universes in stand alone, micro sdcard memory for stand alone use, 8 dry contact trigger ports via HE10 connector, clock & calendar triggering function, stand alone mode with 5 areas and 250 scenes. Works with ESAPRO (PC), ESA (PC) and ESA2 (PC/MAC) versions. Delivered with a mini USB cable and installation CDROM including user manual. AC/DC 5V MINI USB adapter optional.



    • Ethernet & USB.
    • Controller Software Included & Programmable by PC/MAC
    • Stand Alone operation without computer connected.
    • 1024 channels of light control in stand alone mode.
    • 1536 channels of light control in live mode (connected to computer).
    • Programme triggering via RS232, Dry contact switches and Wifi Devices*

    *Wifi router required.

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    Comparitive specs below.

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    • Install software, connect device to MAC or PC to programme lighting and scenes.
    • Select start programme, loops and triggers as required.
    • Write programmes, sequences, scenes and light shows to device.
    • Disconnect the device from PC.
    • In stand alone mode, user can select programmes with onboard push buttons
      or trigger by ports, clock calender etc.
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    Comparative Specifications:

    SLESA-IP1 IP Version SLESA-U9 Entry level USB SLESA-U8 USB Version SLESA-UE7 USB Ethernet SD Version
      Prices $ 699 / 529 € $ 299 / 199 € $ 499 / 399 € $ 639 / 499 €
      Windows XP/Vista/Seven 32/64-bit 32/64-bit 32/64-bit 32/64-bit
      USB connection
      Ethernet connection
      Internet connection
      DMX Recorder software (PC)
      Easy Stand Alone software (PC)
      Easy Stand Alone 2 software (PC/Mac)
      ESA Pro software (PC)
      Sunlite Suite 2 Software (PC)
      Easy View 3D Software (PC) Limited Mode Limited Mode Limited Mode Limited Mode
      DMX channels 512 256 512 2×512
      Number of scenes 255 20 99 250
      Number of zones 1 1 1 5
      Stand Alone memory 32K 20K 128K microSD
      Memory capacity (steps) with 20 channels 5629 1184 2877 Unlimited
      Memory capacity (steps) with 60 channels 2109 439 2877 Unlimited
      Memory capacity (steps) with 512 channels 259 355 Unlimited
      Power voltage 9V DC 300mA 5-5.5V DC 300mA
    Up to 16v with external power (not USB)
    5-5.5V DC 300mA 5-5.5V DC 300mA
      Power connector Round 2,1mm mini USB mini USB mini USB
      Mechanical buttons 3 3 3 3
      touch-sensitive buttons
      Internal HE10 extensions connector
      Ports triggering 8 8 8 8
      Clock triggering 20 (not astronomical) 100 40
      RS232 triggering
      Audio triggering
      Infrared remote control
      WIFI smartphone remote control
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