Welcome to MegaLED’s Displays Lighting Service and Product Departments

LED Lighting

Led Lighting MegaLED Led Lighting Specialists London UK

Design, specification and wholesale supply of LED lighting modules and light fixtures.


LED Electronics

Led Electronics MegaLED Led electronics specialists London UK

Design, manufacture and supply of specialist DMX controllers and lighting electronics.


LED Displays

Led Displays MegaLED Led displays specialists London UK

Elegant edgelit signs and backlit glass designs is here.


Illuminated LED Mirrors

Illuminated LED Mirrors MegaLED Illuminated led mirrors specialists London UK

MegaLED design and make stunning custom illuminated led mirrors. In both high and prototype volumes…


Programmable DMX Controllers

Programmable DMX Controllers MegaLED Programmable dmx controllers specialists London UK

Full range of stand alone, software programmable LED DMX controllers now available here.


Edgelit Glass Signs, Edge Lit Acrylic

Illuminated Glass Signs MegaLED Illuminated glass signs specialists London UK

Latest slim line edgelit signs in glass & acrylic from MegaLED available…


MegaLED Videos

MegaLED Videos London UK

CUT! Check out a few of MegaLEDs Project Videos, Playlists & Showreels...


LED + PCB Design Service

LED PCB Design Service MegaLED Led pcb design service specialists London UK

We design & rapidly deliver quality, affordable Printed Circuit Board Designs for LED circuits and, other electronics.


LED Projects

LED Projects MegaLED Led projects specialists London UK

There are some concise LED PROJECTS from MegaLED showcased right here...



LED Specialists and Custom LED Design

Welcome MegaLED and the future of lighting and LED technology. Combining a wealth LED lighting and engineering knowledge with specialist industry expertise, cutting-edge lighting design and led technology we offer a complete and custom LED lighting solution serving demanding customers across the UK and beyond.

MegaLED is unique as we are one of the few companies with pragmatic led lighting and display engineering experience. This means we not only know our leds, we know our components and how to put things together properly into a complete solution. Indeed, MegaLED offer everything from bespoke illuminated displays to custom designed LED printed circuit boards, wholesale supply of the latest LED lighting modules and light fixtures.

Our inspired lighting systems and solutions are designed and specified by us and driven by a range of original modular and multi-channel controllers catering for the largest LED installations and LED projects imaginable.


LED Lighting: LED specialists bespoke, custom designed LED solution

From the outset MegaLED aimed to bring the L.E.D. to you in a unique, meaningful specialist industry specific format. As such we have deliberately conceptualised, designed and divided our products, activities and service offerings into 3 distinct “LED” departments:

  • Lighting
  • Electronics
  • Displays

In MegaLED.com’s LED lighting section you will see a range of specialist, unique lighting products created and custom designed by MegaLED including LINEA™ – our latest superbright and effective solid state, totally diffuse polymer light guides, these are effectively a new type of LED linear light that can be deployed in a very wide variety of LED Lighting applications – from step lights to fascia sign highlighting to drive over floor lights and designer wall inserts. Also, as award winning industrial designers, in our LED Lighting section you will see a selection of unique objects. Such as “designer” interior led lighting products including our highly sought after Quick-Fix™ “illuminated mirrors and Edge-Line™ slim and elegant edge lit shelves in glass. Alongside this are the very high quality components we specify, use and resell wholesale in high volumes such as LED tapes, LED sign lighting modules.

To top this section we also offer some unique interior light design services – where we can design and help you specify entire lighting scheme packages for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms – e.g. design and fixture linear lights properly for instant installation. Indeed, MegaLED’s LED Lighting service has proved highly popular and effective with property developers where a scheme will typically be prototyped, approved then rolled-out to 100’s of apartments.


LED specialists in Display Lighting; pioneering lighting service

“What Steve doesn’t know about implementing interior LED Display Lighting is probably not worth knowing”. Zachery Pullman designs.

MegaLED are more than display lighting designers and work with all types of LED lights and materials. We come from an LED display, electronics and fabrication background.  Full support and enthusiasm on everything we sell is standard at MegaLED and you may find our all-round knowledge might ‘bore’ you or be ‘refreshing’. We’re really
into what we do!

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MegaLED help people with a display lighting solutions service. We do specialist led projects. Our main client base are architects, interior designers, sign makers, shopfitters and OEM lighting companies. MegaLED also can assist anyone to create complete lighting products and understand good practise in LED Lighting. We do everything from designing and manufacturing light control electronics to supplying unique edge lit signs and back-lit glass signs.
Our own unique sign lighting systems “SignLED” is also a bespoke solution ideal for massive scale retail roll-out projects.

“In April 2015 MegaLED delivered a top job, amazing service and outstanding
quality edge lit sign for our campus sponsor panel”
Helen, Oxford University

Specialist UK Interior LED Lighting.

Whether you’re after a fresh concept for your interior lighting design or a wholesale supplier of LED lighting solutions we aim to deliver beyond expectations. We foster an environment of open communication and client involvement at all stages of the design process because when people work together great ideas can happen.