• Vdriver 15Amp Modular Driver Card
  • Vdriver 15Amp Modular Driver Card
  • LED Driver | LED Amplifier / VDRIVER Output 15A 3ch.


    • 3 channel, modular voltage output board, high current output capacity (15A).
    • Drives voltage driven led modules, led-strip, led-tape and LED Fixture including
      RGB LED tape strip and sign modules 0-24V (upto 50V on request)
    • Designed for use with MegaLED’s modular controller cards.
    • These boards, can be daisy chained with other output cards of different types
      for maximum flexibility and almost limitless system expandability.

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    Vdriver Features:

     5 Amps output per channel (15A total per board)
     Can be used with any LED supply voltage from 0 to 24V (up to 50V available on request)
     Individually fused outputs with sockets
     Daisy-chain for infinite output capability
     Can be mixed with other output cards for different LED combinations
     Small form factor
     Supports separate or Common Anode LEDs (common cathode version available)

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    VDRIVER LED DRIVER CARD | Specifications:

    Size: 60.96 x 38.1mm (PCB), 14mm max. above PCB.

    Fixings: 3x 3.1mm holes.

    Weight: 25g approx.

    Voltage requirement: Anything between 0 to 24V, to suit LED load.

    Power connection: 2x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.

    Output connection: 4x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.

    Quiescent current: <1mA (circuit powered from controller).

    Signal input connections: 10 way header mounted on ribbon cable.

    Signal output connections: 10 way box header.

    Fuses: Round replaceable fuses.
    F1,2,3= 5Amp rated as standard lower rated fuses also available.


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    VDRIVER – Mode

    VDRIVER is a LED Output card designed to plug into our modular controllers like the AM2, anologue multi, AM3 0-10V controllers, DMX1,DMX2 decoders..

    It is an output card for CV LEDs – constant voltage leds.  It does not have any inbuilt programming features.


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