Constant Voltage LED Controllers and Drivers


LED Constant Voltage Drivers & LED Dimming Hardware:
In this section you can browse our short-listed selection of LED Controller Drivers.
The products in this section offer customers an all-in-one solution for controlling,
powering and dimming voltage-driven LED Fixtures.


AM2: Stand Alone RGB LED Light Controller. Three RGB Channels, ideal for use with 12 and 24VDC LED Fixtures such as LED Light Bars, LED Strips and LED Sign LIGHTING Modules.

For voltage driven RGB leds: DMX Mini is a 3 channel RGB controller designed to dim volatage LEDs via a DMX Signal Input. Super-miniature size [about size of a business card]. Also with onboard memory allowing for stand alone operation.

DMX9:27. Multi Channel Voltage LED Controller, DMX Light Control for 27 channels of monocromatic lights or 9 zones of RGB Lighting.