• 0-10V 2ch Multi Function RGB Led Controller | AMF2

    AMF – 2 channel Multi Funtion 0-10V Controller.

    The AMF2, Analog Multi is a 2-input, modular controller board that features several programs, called up and controlled through its two inputs. Accepts 0-10V input signals or, using the 10V output, potentiometers can be connected as the controls. The modular output allows it to drive any of MegaLED’s modular output cards. Input 1 selects the program type, while input 2 adjusts the characteristics of the selected program.

    Output cards can be daisy chained into the Analog Multi and mixed and matched together delivering virtually limitless output drive capacity for all types of LED fixtures.


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    SKU: MLE-AMF2.

    AMF2 0-10V Multu Function Analogue LED Controller | Features:
     Allows LEDs to interface to older analog control systems.
     10V output to power external potentiometer controls.
     Multiple programs within a single controller.
     Supports any type of LED with the appropriate output card.
     10-bit resolution sampling of input signals.
     Wide input supply range – 12 to 24V.
     Small form factor.

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    AMF2 0-10V Controller Card | Specifications:

    Size: 36.2 x 61.6mm (PCB), 14mm max. above PCB.
    Fixings: 4x 3.25mm holes on 29.84 x 55.24mm centres.
    Weight: 16g approx.
    Voltage requirement: 12 to 24Vdc.
    Power connection: 2.1mm ‘barrel’ type power socket, positive centre.
    Quiescent current: 25mA (typ.) at 24Vdc.
    Signal input connections: Screw terminals, 3.81mm pitch.
    Signal output connections: 10 way box header.

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    AMF2 0-10V 2 channel analogue LED Controller Card | Modes

    Input 1 function:
    0 to 2.5V selects ‘C14’ colour fade program.
    2.5 to 5V selects ‘Random’ colour change program.
    5 to 7.5V selects ‘Lucifer’ colour fade program.
    7.5 to 10V selects ‘Static colour’ mode.

    Input 2 function:
    C14 mode: Sets loop speed. 0V = 18 sec, 10V = 75 min.
    Random mode: Sets colour change speed 0V = min, 10V = max.
    Lucifer mode: Sets loop speed. 0V = 15 sec, 10V = 49 min.
    Static mode: Sets static colour. 0V is half way between Blue and
    Red, moving through Red, Green, Blue, Pink and to White at 10V.

    Standard LED Programme Sheet here

    Custom programming also available on request.


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