SignLED Illuminated Letters & Shapes

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LED Illuminated Channel Letters and LED Lit Signage Shapes from MegaLED. Shown here is a Sign Letter installation illuminated and completed by MegaLED. Fort Lauderdale Airport. CNN / Hudson Group

Airport Retail Signage: CNN @ FLH Fort Lauderdale Airport, USA.

3D LED Lit Letters:
LED Letters, Shapes & Logos
Illuminated the MegaLED Way!

During 2007-2009, a few sign lighting industry collaborators noticed MegaLED’s unique
display lighting know-how and immagined how this potential could provide; Architects,
Retail Designers, Signage Makers and big brands with the best sign lighting technology
in the market.

Today, MegaLED present a “new”, fully proven sign lighting technology, called Sign-LED.
Sign-LED is a product designed to make customer brands illuminate properly, like never
before. Sign-LED brings brand illumination onto a new horizon, allowing brands to look
better and brighter for longer.

  • Sign-LED allows customers like architects, sign makers, display manufacturers
    and retailers to specify and purchase: The best, brightest and most reliable
    custom lit Sign Letters, LED Lit Shapes and Logos in the display lighting business.
  • Sign-LED is custom designed, available to order in a variety of lighting configurations.

Sign-LED Technology Overview:
Product Features & Benefits

  • Sign-LED delivers brighter, slimmer, more elegant illuminated logos, letters and shapes.
  • Flexible custom sign lighting. Many Lighting Options:

Face Lit
Face & Rim Lit
Side Lit
Back lit / Halo Lit.

  • Sign-LED illuminates almost any 3D Shape.
    Ideal for illuminated channel letters with narrow stroke widths tightest serif’s.Super Slimline LED Lit Letters:
    > Halo or back lit illumination with sign letter depths from just 8mm.
    > Face and/or rim illumination with sign letter depths from just 25mm
    > Sign-LED illuminates brands & logos “previously not possible” with hand-built shapes:
  • Brilliant & Bright: 100% diffuse Illumination.
    > 2-5 Times the Brightness of competing products.
    > Sign-LED Shapes typical on surface lux: 3000lx (min).
    > Sign-LED Linear typical on on surface lux: 1500lx (min).
  • High Performance LED Lighting System. Eliminates LED Sign Lighting Problems:
    > No more un-even patchy illumination or led “spotting”
    > No more brand lighting where some letters are dimmer than others.
    > No more burnt out letters.
  • Cost Effectiveness & Value
    Sign-LED after set-up design & tooling costs, delivers a most cost effective
    high performance solution compared to other inferior sign lighting options.
    Sign-LED is the best solution to specify on: Large Volume Illuminated Letters
    orders, retail roll outs, concession signage and same-size repeat letter set orders.
  • Efficient Lighting: SignLED is designed to order, 5 to 24VDC operation.
  • Sign-LED is ready-to-install requires no labour from the signmaker to assemble.
  • Precision: more precise than hand built up shapes & channel letters can ever be.
  • Product Quality & Consistency: CNC Shapes, Repeatable Fabrication Quality
  • Environmentally Friendly & Green: Low heat & low power, low carbon footprint.
  • Reliable: Proven Reliability in the field and excellent Lumen Maintenance.
  • Sign-LED is essentially maintenance-free.

Airport Retail Signage : Sign-LED’s Pedigree

Sign-LED was a design approach in the making and in a design concept in development since 2003.
From 2005 we made a design breakthrough and since then Sign-LED became reality. From 2007
the product has been installed and fully tested in the world’s most expensive retail spaces,
namely in AIRPORT RETAIL SIGNAGE, that’s right into AMERICAN AIRPORTS on real jobs.
From JFK to LA people have witnessed our perfectly illuminated Sign-LED installations.

MegaLED LED Illuminated Shapes installed into american airport-retail-signage face and rim lit with white LEDs and transluscent vinyl to face.
Above :30mm Slimline & Thin: Face & Rim Lit Led Letter Signage Shapes installed into American Airport Retail Area.
100% Original MegaLED Innovation. Sign-LED illuminated letters, logo and shape configurations featuring our
a fully proven design and manufacturing formula. Sign-LED product is specified and illuminates a new type of
super slimline, perfectly illuminated,energy efficient “3D shape”.

Sign-LED LED Illuminated Logo Shapes & Letters :
Precision LED Display Lighting Design

MegaLED’s Sign-LED product was designed to satisfy the best Signage Manufacturers and Sign Makers in the world
and it does. With Sign-LED™ Shapes you can have the world’s slimmest, most precisely manufactured, and most uniformly lit Sign Letter shapes in the market. Everything is to benchmark tolerances not previously imaginable.

Built Up LED Illuminated Letter Shapes the MegaLED way offers a far more precise illuminated letter shape.

Shaped LED Back Trays & Shape LED Light Engines
PCB Design Service

MegaLED’s Sign-LED product starts with our super fast “Shape LED” PCB Light Engine design service.
The product is totally designed to order by our experienced engineers, to the highest standards.
The Sign LED Lighting product only specifies tier 1, brand name LEDs from the likes of CotcoCree,
OSRAM and Nichia, quality is guaranteed.

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Reasons why Sign-LED is attractive for professional signage makers:

  • The product is a complete NEON REPLACEMENT and
    a complete sign letter. It’s a maintenance free
  • Sign-LED features high performance led lighting technology
    for illuminating perfect built up channel letters.
  • The product is not led modules,
    there is no labour involved for the sign maker. Easy sign installations.
  • 100% Diffused Illumination
  • No more dim or burnt out letters.
  • Easy-Purchase. Plug in and play.
  • Designed & Built to order.
    Total control over component
  • Sign-LED is the only sign lighting product design-suited for high volume retail rollouts illuminated fascia lettering.

Sign_LED lluminated Shapes: Here you can see one of our LED Slimline Letters produced for GUESS

  • Proven Quality Track Record.
    Our Sign-LED product is proven in the field.
    The product has been developed by MegaLED
    and before launch has been fully tested (2007-9).Did you know?
    MegaLED initially supplied this product to a large Airport retailer through a signage
    manufacturer operating in the niche of energy efficient, Airport Retail Signage. Since 2005, Sign-LED has been fully developed, tested and installed all over American Airport Retail Space with great success!Sign-LED Lighting Failures to date: nil %.

Other Propreitary Sign-LED Applications | Sign-LED Linear

 Fascia Lighting with Sign-LED Linear - Illuminated Shape Technology

Sign-LED know-how and MegaLED’s proprietary
LED Layout software is used to illuminate
any 3D Shape.

Sign-LED may be considered by some similar to
a traditional built up 3D channel letter but really
it’s not, it’s totally different…

MegaLED can design Lights which may be 3metres long straight or curved and encased into a pavement, fascia, ceiling or floor are now. Try doing that with a built up letter, we think you’ll have problems!


Sign-LED Illuminated Letter Shape Enquiries:
Sign-LED is now being sold through a specialised sales network, and we’re looking to recruit more resellers.
For all Sign-LED enquiries, please contact MegaLED R&D here.