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acrylic edge lit signage with unique panel decorations from megaled.

Acrylic Edge Lit Signage| Ablade ™

Ablade acrylic edge lit signs are elegant, contemporary,
and ideal for internal retail, reception and exhibition signage.





edge lit sign for office elegant design with blue leds

Edge Lit Glass Signage System | Brite-Fix

Brite-FIX™ edge lit glass signs are economic, durable and contemporary,
and ideal for internal office and high end wayfinding signage.





Edge lit signs and Edgelit Signage

‘About info’ on Edge Lit Signs in glass and acrylic, edgelit signage decorations, QC, Handling etc.

Slimline Edge Lit Glass Signs

Slimline Edge Lit Glass Signage | Edge-line

Edge-line™ edge lit glass signs are the latest economic, durable and contemporary
edge lighting system from MegaLED, ideal for all types of illuminated signage and lit panels.





glass sign wall mounted edge lit

Wall Mounted Edge Lit Glass Signs| NANO

Nano™ edge lit glass signs are a minimalist economic, durable and contemporary
lit signage product from MegaLED. Ideal for door number and directory signs.