Modular LED System


MegaLED’s Modular LED Systems are much sought after and popular addition to our expanding range of LED control systems. This modular system enables customisation of a control system to suit individual LED fixture types (both powerLEDs or voltage driven leds) and their Light control requirements.

The modular system splits into 2 distinct sections: Control & Output.

Control Group [ Modular LED Controllers, Interface cards, decoders,0-10v ]

These boards control the colour, brightness and interface to the LEDs. From stand-alone systems, 0-10V input and DMX interfaced systems, the control boards determine how the LEDs are lit.

Output Group  [ Modular LED Drivers, constant current and constant voltage ]

Taking signals from a control board, the output boards are designed to drive specific types of LEDs from traditional 3 and 5mm types to newer high power led devices. The boards can be ‘daisy-chained’ to give virtually limitless output drive capacity for all types of LED fixtures.

Product Range & Description:

AM2: 3ch. RGB Modular LED Control

AM2 is a modular RGB Output Controller popular with both sign makers as a sign controller and LED home installations:- The AM2 can also be installed into a double UK wall-plate.. Various RGB programmes are available.

0-10V Analogue to Digital LED Controller, RGB 3channel: AM3

AM3: 0-10V is a 3-channel RGB modular controller board designed to accept 3x 0-10V analog inputs to set digital dimming output levels to drive any of our

0-10V Analogue to Digital LED Controller, AMF: Analog Multi Function

Analog Multi Function LED Controller is a 2-input 0-10V, 2 channel output controller board that features several ways to have lighting programs, called up and controlled through its two 0-10V inputs.


V-Driver is a 3-channel, modular voltage output board with high current output capacity (15A). Drives voltage-LED RGB Fixtures, 0-24V.

PDRIVER1 350-1000mA PowerLED Driver RGB 3ch

DVR1-RGB is a 3 Channel (RGB) modular output driver board for power LEDs: 1, 3 and 5 Watt devices. These driver boards form a system, accepting signals from our modular control cards, which include: AM2 & AM3.