• DMX Decoders 3channel & 6 channel | DMX1,DMX2

    DMX 1 & DMX2 Modular DMX Decoders

    The DMX 1 and DMX2 decoders are 3 and 6 channel dmx decoder cards with modular output connectors. The modular output allows them to drive any of MegaLED’s modular output cards. Output led driver cards can be daisy chained into the DMX1 and DMX2 decoders allowing virtually limitless output drive capacity for all types of LED fixtures.

    DMX 1 & DMX 2 decoders are often used with our VDRIVERS to power, control and DMX-dim massive amounts of LED Lights, LED Strips and RGB Sign Lighting Modules.

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    DMX1 & DMX2 Modular DMX Decoder
    A DMX decoder board with modular output, featuring:

    • Available with 3 channel output (DMX1) or 6 channel output (DMX-2)
    • Selectable base address anywhere between 0 and 500
    • On board termination via dip switch
    • Power and Data LED indicators
    • Built in test programs
    • Fully isolated DMX interface for problem-free setup
    • Power and DMX in/out via durable screw terminals
    • 8 to 24Vdc supply voltage
    • Small size (only 76 x 84mm)
    • 3x fixing holes
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