Linea™ Solid Acrylic LED Lights IP68

Linea™ is a new type of custom engineered linear LED light fixture best described as a ‘solid state light’ or maintenance-free block of perfectly diffused light.

Linea™ is a guide light that is functional and decorative. It can be encased into walls, floors and even designed as a robust ‘drive over light’.  Linea lights can also be used to illuminate stair treads, to create accent lighting and sign-fascia highlighting.

The product delivers brilliant light outputs and can be made to order by MegaLED in many formats, specific light fixture lengths and  LED type options and colours.

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Linear Guide Lights | Options & Formats:
Sold in 50mm increments upto a maximum length of 2000mm.
Product Dimensions: w: 30mm x h: 30mm x L: Linear Length;
100mm – 2metres in 50mm increments .
Power Consumption: from 15W / metre.
Lighting Colours: White, RGB Colour Changing.
Dimming Options: DMX, 0-10V, Dali, Stand Alone.

SKU: MLL-Linea.