• Custom Made LED Illuminated Mirrors | Quick-Fix™

    Quick-Fix™ Illuminated LED Mirrors are designed and manufactured to order by MegaLED in the UK and available in a variety of sizes and lighting configurations. The product consists of a Pilkington™ optically clear mirror with integrated fixing and a high performance LED lighting system on the rear of the mirror. Quick-Fix Mirrors are an exceptionally easy way to install mirrors that produce a totally diffused ‘halo’ wall lighting effect around the entire perimiter of the mirror.

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    Quick-Fix ™ Illuminated LED Mirrors | Specifications:

    Mirror Material: 6mm Pilkington Opticlear Mirrors.
    Sizes: Made to order, upto maximum 3metres x 2 metres.
    Overal depth : Lit Mirror including lighting and fixing system: ~25 – 35mm.
    Lighting Colours: Pure White, Warm White, RGB Colour Changing.
    Dimming Options: DMX, 0-10V, Dali, Stand Alone.
    Other: Customized mirror decorations and
    custom mirror edge bevels on request.

    SKU: MLL-QFIX | Illuminated LED Mirrors.