Complete range of programmable dmx controllers. Used to create custom LED lighting programmes, LED lighting scenes and LED Display animations.  These programmable dmx hardware controllers can operate in live or stand alone mode, where everything from simple residential lighting scenes to complex led display illuminations can be achieved. The following LED DMX controllers can be programmed via PC or MAC and are dedicated to what we call architectural installations, the “Architectural & Building” range…

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Programmable LED Controllers
The architectural and building range includes both Easy Stand Alone and S.T.I.C.K. wall-plate based products. Every single interface is made for a specific installation. Once integrated with one of the compatible software packages, it is possible to easily control and programme the lighting within a variety of places such as homes, hotels, restaurants, fountains, gardens, commercial and many more.  All DMX hardware in this range can be operated and controlled in live or stand alone mode.  In stand alone mode, once programmed by a PC or Apple MAC the devices can operate independently and have their sequences or light shows triggered by time, event, on-board switches or touch pad interfaces ( without the computer actually being attached ) .

DMX LED Light Show Programming Service:
MegaLED Ltd also offer DMX programming as a service which has proved to be a highly sought after service; where LED installers, architects, interior designers, signmakers and display lighting companies usually need to visualise how their LED lights will look, animate, operate prior to installation or commissioning.

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1. MLESA-U9 DMX Controller

Architectural LED controller, 256 channels, PC, MAC Programmable, Stand Alone…

512 channel led controller architectural DMX

2. MLESA U8 – DMX Controller

Mini USB-DMX interface. 1 DMX OUT universe (512 channels). 64K stand alone memory with clock/calendar. Works with Easy Stand Alone software : ESA (PC) and ESA2 (PC/MAC) versions.

3. MLESA UE7 – Multi Channel DMX Controller

Architectural LED controller, 1536 channels in live mode, 1024 standalone. Programmable…

4. MLESA-IP1 Ethernet DMX Controller (replaced by UE7)

V. limited stock for projects requiring stand alone memory internet – updated.

STICK-DE3 | DMX Controller

Stick DE3 wall plate controller 1024ch; programmable + stand alone, wifi options.


STICK-GA2 | DMX Programmable Controller

Wall plate controller, 512 channels, elegant, Programmable, stand alone, complete software suite.

dmx controller 128 channels wall plate touch sensitive

STICK-GU2 | DMX LED Controllers

Wall plate controller, 128 channels, elegant wall plate design. Programmable…

STICK-KE1 | DMX Controllers

Wall plate controller, 1024 channels, elegant, Programmable, stand alone, complete software suite.