Sign LED is a propreitary manufacturing technology designed, developed and implemented by MegaLED.
Ideal for retail roll out signage projects and to illuminate repeat order sign sets.

Sign-LED illuminates almost any 3D Shape.
Ideal for illuminated channel letters with narrow stroke widths tightest serif’s.

Super Slimline LED Lit Letters:
> Halo or back lit illumination with sign letter depths from just 8mm.
> Face and/or rim illumination with sign letter depths from just 25mm
> Sign-LED illuminates brands & logos “previously not possible” with hand-built shapes:

Brilliant & Bright: 100% diffuse Illumination.
> 2-5 Times the Brightness of competing products.
> Sign-LED Shapes typical on surface lux: 3000lx (min).
> Sign-LED Linear typical on on surface lux: 1500lx (min).

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