LED Controllers


Light Control

In this section you can find all the hardware you need to build (or have us build) a reliable LED System.  Our complete selection of LED Controllers and LED Driver-Dimmers allow customers to build simple and complex light systems and have reliable LED light control.

Our “control” products are grouped into distinct categories:

Voltage Controller Drivers.
These boards feature stand alone or DMX control and output LED driver cards on one board, they are designed to drive voltage driven led fixtures, not current driven power leds.

Power LED Controller Drivers
These boards feature stand alone or DMX control and LED output driver cards on one board, they are designed to drive PowerLED fixtures in constant current mode, not voltage driven LED fixtures.

Modular Mixed LED System
This system allows customers to have stand alone or DMX control and add modular output LED Driver cards allowing both Voltage Driven and PowerLED Fixtures to be controlled, powered and dimmed.  Our modular
system features total flexibility and almost limitless expansion with our modular LED output driver cards.

DMX 75 is our flagship multi-channel LED system, it’s also modular allowing mixed system PowerLED and VoltageLED dimming configurations of 25, 50 and 75 channels per system “stack”.

DMX Splitter
A very useful product for simplifying DMX -Terminations or “daisy chain” return wiring associated with DMX.  Our DMX splitter is the ideal solution simplifying wiring in multi-room or multi-location LED Installations and, a must-have when more than 31 DMX devices need to be connected in the DMX wiring chain.

PC-DMX Light Control
This section provides a highlight of our short-listed DMX Hardware & Software packages.  Our easy stand alone Light Control Solution, allows customers to programme their own DMX Lighting Scenes and Animations.