EdgeLit Signs

EdgeLit Sign Lighting Specialists:

If you’re looking for a special, custom made Edge Lit Sign you are in the right place and will soon be talking to an experienced MegaLED engineer who will help you through the best options.

MegaLED have specialised in the design, development, manufacture of cutting edge lit signs and associated LED Edge Lighting Display Hardware since 2003. Our edge lit signs are completely decorated, ready to install edge lit displays which will make your company and brand logos look stunningly illuminated.

MegaLED edge lit signs do not just have proven reliability, incredibly low power consumption and look absolutely brilliant, our keen prices and professional trade service makes them a totally desirable, “wise buy”.

You can see our latest range of illuminated edgelit signs here.

Edge Lit Signs

A-Blade is our acrylic edge lit signage solution:

<Edge Lit Ablade acrylic sign by MegaLED Ltd, green illuminated sign with PowerLED sign lighting technology

  • ABLADE our complete range of plug-in and power acrylic edge lit signs, typically sold with 1,2 or 4 light injector profiles. Made in a selection of sizes from 150x150mm to 3000x1500mm in one piece.
  • Original, registered design offers total design flexibility by configuration.
  • Sold complete, ready to install with relevant fixing kit/s.
  • Sold complete with specialist edge lit sign panel decorations including:
    > 3D Engraving, CNC Sandblast Masking, Contour Engraving,
    > Infills, Flat cut letters and optional backing panels.
  • Features our Flat Light System:
    > Overall Sign Panel depths of just 12mm.
  • Power Consumption from just 2W
  • Backed up with industries fastest edge lit sign pricing service*.
  • All signs QC’d and digitally photographed prior to shipment.

Nano Glass Signs
Our latest superslim edge lit sign display lighting solution. Nano is ideal for small format interior signs typically with a picture frame concept.

Edge Lit NANO glass sign, pure white LED illuminated sign with Samsung(tm) led sign lighting technology by MegaLED Ltd, London.



Brite-FIX initially designed for interior designers Filer & Cox for a prestigious 5star UK hotel and our 1st ever edge lighting system from 2002, BriteFix is now a special order glass panel lighting system used to illuminate and fix glass sign panels to the wall.

Brite-Fix is ideal for interior signage applications, 5star illuminated hotel interior door signs, illuminated reception signage, retail directory signage, casino signs etc.

 Edge Lit BriteFIX glass sign, 4Watt power consumption, red illuminated edge lit glass signage with 2 led lighting modules and custom PowerLED sign lighting technology by MegaLED Ltd, London.


  • Brite-Fix illuminated glass signs are configured and available in a number of light injector and panel sizes.MegaLED’s industrial product design means we are capable to custom engineer Brite-Fix in original ways. Overall sign panel depths from 20mm with 8mm glass panels.Power consumption is from just 2W per sign.

Power-Blade specialist high-power edge light system used to LED illuminate largest glass sheet sizes, such as floor to ceiling directory signs. Power Consumption typically 20W+

Pro-Blade a double sided projection sign, developed recently for a customer now in final phases of design standardisation (as a new product range). Sign depths from just 20mm. Contact us for more details. Power consumption typically from 4W.

  • Note: All our custom Edge Lit Display Products are designed and built to order, lead times typically 2-6weeks,
    this depends on sign type, design complexity and production schedules at time of order.

LED Edge Lighting Components

If one of our solutions does not fit your requirements and your volumes permit, then MegaLED can help with the design and supply a variety of LED Modules.

Our products and experience in edge lighting allows sign makers to achieve best results in edge lighting signs.

EdgeLit Sign Enquiry Procedure:

For all edge lit sign enquiries, please use our enquiry form

> Please try to upload vector artwork (ai,dxf or corel) or a low res jpeg/bitmap or pdf.

> Clearly state sizes and quantities per sign model.

> If your information is complete you should receive a same day quotation. 

Other background Info:
MegaLED’s industrially designed Edge
Light System was originally designed by our display lighting division BrightCo. way back in 2003 and this lighting system actually won a 1st Place design award from the Association of Italian Industrial Design in the same year.

Since 2003 we have made many perfections to our original lighting system, developed a complete our Blade Sign Product range known as “ABLADE” and refined our Edge Light System into, something called the “Flat Light System”. MegaLED’s flat light system is an ABLADE product feature, indeed most ABlade signs are just 12mm thin.

MegaLED are very proud to have gone from strength to strength designing, engineering and producing absolutely brilliant, elegant and stunning HIGH IMPACT Blade Signs featuring specialist, high impact panel decorations.

MegaLED specialise in design, manufacture and supply of Edgelit signs. Signs which designed to impress and, be installed straight out of the box, in minutes.

MegaLED can also help design edge lit exit signs that are much more stylish than the usual products available.
We are specialist designers and experts in making custom edgelit signs and one of the only UK companies supplying edgelit signs in both materials, namely:

Edgelit signs in acrylic
Edgelit signs in glass.

Below: BriteFix Unique Edge Lit Glass Signage.

      Edge Lit custom decorated laser etched illuminated led signage by MegaLED Ltd, custom BriteFIX Design    Edge Lit ( non illuminated sign example ) in glass by Megaled for 5 star hotel development gym signage, in Surrey, UK.     Example of custom design edge lit signage, green led illumination, BriteFix bespoke design by MegaLED Ltd, London.