• edge lit sign for office elegant design with blue leds
  • edge lit sign for office elegant design with blue leds
  • Edge Lit Glass Signage System | Brite-Fix

    Glass Edge Lighting System | Brite-Fix ™
    Award winning slimline, maintenance-free edge-lit glass signs for wayfinding, hotels and office signage.  Brite-Fix is a proven, original award-winning design, super-efficient in operation and with no reported faults in operation. Ever.

    Brite-Fix designs use ‘module placement’ to create original minimalist signage.  They can even be used as eyecatching corridor lights.  The product has been seen in high-end locations such as the BBC and MTV Europe, and film studio offices.

    Efficient operation, with power consumption from 1W per Brite-FIX light.

    Brite-FIX is ideal for architectural, corporate and interior signage applications; wayfinding, door numbers, floor level indicators, sponsor panels (universities and art galleries) and illuminated building directory boards.

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    Description | BriteFix

    Originally designed on a unique concept for edge lighting developed with patents applied for
    in 2003. Brite-Fix signs are often used for general wayfinding, office signage,
    door numbers, floor levels, and block indicators in buildings and hotels.

    Illumination can be pure white, warm white, specific hue or colour-changing
    and Brite-FIX signs can be custom designed so they can also be smart-switched
    or programmed (for instance in hotel room occupancy applications).

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    Specifications | BriteFIX

    • Sizes: 15x10cm, 30x20cm, 35x50cm, 50x70cm. Custom sizes on request.
    • Fixings: Wall Mounted via locators.
    • Weight: Varies.
    • Thickness: ~20mm
    • Colours. White, RGB
    • Colour Rendering Index: > N/A
    • Voltage: N/A – constant current driven.
    • Power consumption: from 1W / sign.
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    Operation | Brite Fix Signs

    Simple, easy operation, installation and powering.

    All Brite-Fix signs and displays are sold “ready to install” complete with
    power supplies and instructional videos.

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