• Edgelit signs
  • red blue mix edge lit sign
  • edge lit signs and special logo decorations by megaled ltd
  • Edgelit Signage with White LEDs, Ablade 4 - edgelit Picture Frame concept
  • Edgelit signs
  • red blue mix edge lit sign
  • edge lit signs and special logo decorations by megaled ltd
  • Edgelit Signage with White LEDs, Ablade 4 - edgelit Picture Frame concept
  • Edge lit signs and Edgelit Signage

    Edge lit Signs | Edge Lit Signage | Glass & Acrylic | MegaLED

    MegaLED offer a complete range of custom decorated LED illuminated edgelit signs. We design and make the widest variety of edge lit signs available anywhere, designing and making custom edge lit signage in both glass and acrylic. This means we can give you impartial design advise on the best sign design for your application. All our edge lit signage products are elegant, bright, slimline and supplied complete. All are quality controlled with LED driving gear, cabling and fixings. MegaLED”s edge lit signs are sold ”plug in and play” and ready to install.

    MegaLED are specialist UK Manufacturers of custom made led edge lit signs. We design stunning edge lit signage in both glass and acrylic !

    Overview of our unique edgelit signage designs:

    Edge Lit Glass Signage

    • small edgelit glass sign in glass no smokingBrite-Fix – Original Edge Lighting System by MegaLED, award winning, developed 2002 based on original design concept based on minimalist module placements (not full width profiles).
    • A3 size edgelit glass sign NANO – Wall and slot mounted edgelit signs, seamless picture frame concept inspired by “IMAC”.
    • latest design "EdgeLine" superclim edgelit glass signsEdge-Line – Latest super slimline glass signage system for wall mounted signage.

    EdgeLit Acrylic Signage

    • edgelit reception sign in acrylicABlade – Where the Brite-Fix design reality is transposed onto acrylic signs and MegaLED get super creative with their original sign panel decorations.

    Custom Edgelit Signs, Decoration Options

    Prior to purchase a MegaLED sign design specialist will run through all your decoration options for your edge lit sign. For more particular decoration jobs and for discerning customers we will often make a prototype (or segment of your sign) for your first phase approval prior to manufacture and supply of the finished article.

    Quality Control

    MegaLED edge-lit signs are produced to the highest standards in the industry and are digitally photographed for client approval prior to shipment. Clients are also invited to our workshop and factory in Enfield, North London
    to further understand our manufacturing facilities and complete bespoke product approvals in person.

    Have a particular illuminated sign design requirement?
    Please don’t hesitate to call us today on: +44 (0) 208 432 0995

    Click here to see a spendid video on our: Edgelit Signs.Click here to download our: About Edgelit Signs PDF.


    Glass Edgelit Signage Panels

    Glass signs in edge lighting applications are typically etched, sandblasted or sandcarved, but may also be additionally decorated with vinyl or flat cut shapes. We sometimes do glass screen printing for high volume work. We also produce high resolution half-tone photographic stencils, these are ideal for etching “fussy” fine-line artwork and recreating duotone bitmap images.

    Acrylic Edgelit Signage Panels

    Acrylic signs in edge lighting applications are typically CNC engraved, they can also be sandblasted and laser engraved. Acrylic signs can be 3D ” V Cut” or V carved to produce interesting depth to the sign engraving. Flat cut shapes on the face of the edgelit signs and panels are often an interesting option for our acrylic edgelit signs – offering more depth, contrast and impact.

    Glass or Acrylic Edge Lit Signs?

    Our glass custom edge lit signs are typically about twice the weight of acrylic edge lit signs. This means that acrylic edge lit signs are usually specified for retail hanging and suspended signage whereas both glass and acrylic signs are specified for wall-mounted signage. In general for architectural applications glass is usually favoured. It is more durable and resistant to surface panel scratches which are a big consideration when making edge lit signage products. Also, custom edge lit glass signs have a much higher perceived value or ”quality look & feel”.

    Maintenance, Cleaning and Handling of Edge Lit Signage – Care is Required!

    All MegaLED custom edge lit signs are designed and fully tested, they are essentially ”maintenance-free”. Periodically however to protect your investment edge lit signs, especially acrylic ones, must be handled and cleaned with utmost care. No waxy cleaners such as ”Mr Sheen” should be used and when installing the signs cotton lint-free gloves should be worn. When cleaning only the correct clean and non-contaminated cloths must be used. MegaLED always supply suitable cleaning fluids for glass and acrylic and also provide suitable micro-fibre cloths for cleaning with every edge lit sign purchase.

    Custom EdgeLit Signage – Applications & Examples of use:

    Edge Lit Signage lighting options.

    We offer hue-specific and special LED lighting colours, RGB and sign lighting animation options:

    1. Monocromatic EdgeLit Signs – All edge lit product designs offered by MegaLED.
    2. Dual-Mix and Fixed colour Monocromatic blends: Brite-Fix and Ablade designs offered by MegaLED.
    3. RGB and RGBW Colour changing Edgelit signs – Ablade and Edge-Line Edge Lit Sign Series.
    4. Animated, chased and pulsed – special order custom signage is designed by MegaLED to order.


    EdgeLit Signs common uses or applications

    Edgelit exhibition signs.
    Edgelit hotel signs.
    Edgelit retail signage.

    Edge Lit Sign Enquiry Procedure:

    For all your custom edge lit sign enquiries, please use our enquiry form

    Please try to upload vector artwork (ai,dxf or corel) or a low res jpeg/bitmap or pdf.

    Clearly state sizes and quantities per model.

    We will then contact you to discuss the options or provide a quotation based on the
    information provided.

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