• DMX Splitter 4 way
  • DMX Splitter 4 way
  • DMX Splitter 4 channel

    DMX Splitter 1 in 4 out

    MegaLED’s DMX-Splitter is a 4-way DMX signal splitter incorporating FULL isolation between all inputs, outputs and power supply. The DMX Splitter can be used to facilitate many DMX LED Lighting installations, on many occasions making “daisy-chain” wiring associated with the DMX protocol a lot easier to complete.

    The DMX Splitter allows 1 DMX signal line to drive 4 additional signal lines, with each output line driving upto 31 devices.


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    DMX Splitter Features:

     USITT DMX512 / 1990 (4µSec) compliant
     RS485 compliant
     Full isolation for maximum reliability
     4 outputs isolated from each other
     Outputs isolated from input
     Inputs and outputs isolated from power supply
     Available for various power supply voltages
     On-board selectable input terminate (120 Ohm)
     Power and Data indicator LEDs

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    Specifications DMX Splitter:

    Size: 61.0 x 92.7mm (PCB), 10mm max. above PCB.

    Fixings: 5x 3.25mm holes on 53.34 x 85.09mm centres.

    Weight: 53g approx.

    Voltage requirement: 5V, 12V, 15V, or 24V (specify when ordering).

    Power connection: 2x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.

    Quiescent current: ~250mA at 5Vdc (no DMX signal).

    DMX connections: 5 sets of 3x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.

    DMX input load: 1x RS-485 load unit.

    DMX output capability: 31 RS-485 load units.
    The DMX Splitter is a DMX Signal Booster and Signal Splitter

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    Simply connect your DMX signal to the DMX IN of the splitter, then use DMX signal outputs lines 1-4 to split the signal to each output group of your DMX LED Drivers / Fixtures.

    To complete signal line splitting and DMX daisy-chain circuit, each DMX output (1-4) must be terminated at the end of the chain (e.g. on last DMX led driver connected on each output of the splitter).

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