MegaLED DMX LED Control Systems are fully compatible with the DMX Lighting Protocol and have been specified by many lighting installers and integrators – those who work with Lutron, Crestron, Cooper controls, Legrand to name a few.


All our DMX cards are designed and assembled in the UK by MegaLED engineers, this means we fully support our led control hardware and literally know it “inside out”.
If you have any questions about our light control systems or need any assistance please simply call us on +44 (0)208 432 0995

MegaLEDs DMX LED Controllers, are conveniently split into three distinct categories:


  1. DMX LED Controllers for Voltage Driven LEDs
  2. DMX LED Controllers for Constant current driven PowerLEDs
  3. Modular DMX LED System: Single and mixed type led systems; constant current and constant voltage leds.


A. DMX Controllers Voltage Driven LEDs : 12v – 24V LED Strips, LED Tape, Sign Lighting Modules.

An ultra compact miniature LED Controller, 3 channel RGB, matchbox size.

A 27channel, 9 x RGB Zone Cluster DMX Controller, compact LED controller footprint.
Option for RS232 & USB interfaces.


B. DMX Controllers for Constant current driven PowerLEDs | 350mA, 500mA, 700mA

DMX Circle
Super Miniature DMX LED Controller just 50mm Diameter, RGB / 3 channel LED Dimmer.

12 channel POWERLED CONTROLLER in a compact footprint. Option for RS232 & USB interfaces
and 350mA, 500mA, 700mA versions.


C1. Modular System 1: DMX75 Modular DMX System 25channel, 50channel and 75 channel “stacks”.

DMX75 Multi-Channel LED Control System
Complete Multi Channel Mixed Technology Systems. The DMX75 Series is available in 25, 50 and 75 channel “stack” configurations. Customers can mix and match 25 channel PowerLED Cards with Voltage Drive cards. Also, a 75channel system for voltage driven leds. Option for RS232 & USB interfaces.


C2. Modular System 2: 3 and 6 channel DMX decoders with a wide range of high power led driving options.