• PowerLED Driver Card 350mA, 500mA,700mA|CCDVR1-RGB

    Modular Constant Current Driver Card

    CC-DVR1-RGB is a 3 Channel (RGB) modular output driver board for powerLEDs such as Luxeon 1, 3 and 5 Watt devices. The driver boards form a system with our modular controllers, accepting control signals from our range of modular control cards, including DMX1,DMX2,AM2,AM3,AMF2 and modular crossfaders.


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    CC-DRV1 Modular PowerLED Driver Card | Features:

     24Vdc supply voltage
     Fused power input
     Various configurations available to suit specific LEDs (specify when ordering)
     Constant Current driving or ‘Constant Power’ output depending on configuration
     Powers 2 to 12x 1-Watt LEDs (350mA)
     Powers 1 to 5x 3-Watt LEDs  (500 or 700mA)
     Powers 1 to 4x 5-Watt Luxeon LEDs  (700mA)
     Cooling should considered for higher power loads
     Daisy-chain for infinite output capability
     Can be mixed with other output cards for different LED combinations
     Small form factor

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    CC-DRV1 Modular PowerLED Driver Card | Specifications:

    Size: 77 x 91mm (PCB), 15mm max. above PCB.

    Fixings: 4x 3mm holes. Centres: 69.85mm & 83.19mm

    Weight: 68g approx.

    Voltage requirement: 24Vdc.

    Power connection: 2x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.

    Output connection: 6x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.

    Quiescent current: 2mA approx.

    Signal input connections: 10 way header mounted on ribbon cable.

    Signal output connections: 10 way box header.


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    CC-DVR-1 | Modes

    The DVR1-RGB is a modular PowerLED Output card designed to plug into our modular controllers like the DMX1,DMX2, AM2, AM3 and AMF2 – It accepts signals from these modular input controllers, the DVR1 does the output driving only.

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