• Backlit Glass, Graphic Walls | Panorama™ Backlighting Glass

    Panorama Backlit glass walls are used to create stunning high impact environments. They typically consist of toughened back-printed glass face panels, a suitable MegaLED designed LED lighting system and engineered lift and drop fixing systems. All this means Panorama Backlit walls are durable, easy to maintain and practical to install.

    Panorama™ Backlit graphic walls | Options and Formats:
    Panoramabacklit glass walls are supplied as a complete product solution ideal for creating impressive corporate or architectural feature lighting in communal areas.  Producing a Panoramabacklit glass wall typically starts with MegaLED assisting the customer in sourcing or creating a super-high resolution panoramic image whilst taking into consideration the most effective system for backlighting the image.

    Dimming Options: DMX, 0-10V, Dali, Stand Alone.

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