• 6 channel DMX Controller Driver | LED Tape etc.

    DMX Mini 2 – LED Driver, 6channels.
    A small, DMX controlled, 6 channel LED driver board for common anode voltage-driven LEDs. Option to have embedded firmware with custom DMX programmes.  Drives: 2.5A per channel, 15Amps total.  For voltage driven, constant voltage leds only.


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    DMX Mini 2 Features:

     USITT DMX512 / 1990 (4µSec) compliant
     High current fused outputs
     Fully selectable DMX base address
     On-board terminate setting (120 Ohm)
     Full isolation from DMX connection for maximum reliability
     Power and Data indicator LEDs
     Built in stand-alone programs
     Protection against reverse power input
     Custom builds available

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    DMX Mini Specifications:

    Size:   43 x 110.5 mm (PCB), 14mm max. above PCB and 3mm below.
    Fixings:  4x 3.25mm holes on 102.87 x 35.56mm centres.
    Weight:  43g approx.
    Power connection:  2x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.
    Input voltage:   12 or 24Vdc, specified when ordering.
    Quiescent current:  30mA at 12Vdc (no DMX signal).
    DMX connection:   3x Screw terminals, 3.81mm pitch.
    DMX input:    RS-485 compliant.
    Output connection:  12x Screw terminals, 5mm pitch.
    Output current:   2.5A maximum (fused) per channel.
    Output voltage:   Same as input voltage.
    PWM Frequency:   100Hz approx.


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    DMX Settings

    DIP Switch Settings:
    1= DMX base address (1)   6= DMX base address (32)
    2= DMX base address (2)   7= DMX base address (64)
    3= DMX base address (4)   8= DMX base address (128)
    4= DMX base address (8)   9= DMX base address (256)
    5= DMX base address (16) 10= Terminate (on/off)

    DMX Addressing (Firmware version 1.1):
    Address 0 – Sleep mode (device can safely remain on DMX bus) Address 1 to 508 – Normal DMX function
    Address 509 – Steps through each output channel sequentially Address 510 – Cross fade pattern, R-G-B-R-G-B-R….
    Address 511 – All channels on full (lamp test)

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