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    AM2; MegaLED’s top selling RGB 3 channel stand-alone LED controller.
    Stand alone 3ch or DMX Master in 3 and 4 channel version.

    Long product description.
    The AM2 is MegaLED’s top selling RGB 3 channel stand-alone LED controller
    for common anode ( voltage driven ) LED fixtures. The AM2 is commonly used for dimming 12 or 24VDC Linear LED Bars and LED Sign Lighting Modules. If ordered with a faceplate, the controller is conveniently designed to fit in a standard double box with the controls mounting it onto the front plate.

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    AM2 Stand Alone Led Controller | Features:
    > Stand Alone controller for voltage driven led fixtures.
    > RGB Colour Changing, Programme built in
    > Selection of Programmes available
    > High current fused outputs
    > Speed and Brightness settings
    > Ease of Use
    > Proven, incredibly reliable
    > Custom builds & programming available
    > Fits into standard double gang wall plate
    > Ideal for Illuminating RGB LED Light Bars
    > Ideal for Illuminating LED Sign Lighting Modules.

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    AM2 Stand Alone Led Controller | Specifications:
    63 x 95mm (PCB).
    Fixings: 5x potentiometer shafts if panel mounted or 4x 3.25mm holes.
    Weight: 80g approx.
    Colour change mode speed:
    Loop times adjustable between 7s to 30m.
    Power connection: 2x Screw terminals.
    Input voltage: 7-24Vdc, voltage to suit LED loads.
    Output current: 5.0A maximum (fused) per channel.
    Output voltage: Same as input voltage.
    PWM Frequency: 250Hz (or 1kHz).
    Control resolution: 256 step / 8-bit.

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    AM2 Stand Alone Led Controller | Operation:
    Two modes of operation allow for static (adjustable steady colour / brightness) and RGB colour changing effects.

    The colour change pattern is MegaLED’s C14 pattern that goes round the full colour circle, taking equal time to change through each of the following colours: Blue, Blue Cyan, Cyan, Green-Cyan, Green, Yellow-Green, Yellow, Orange- Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Red-Magenta, Magenta, Magenta-Blue.

    A random start colour is chosen when colour-change mode is entered.

    Static mode allows precise setting of brightness in Red, Green and Blue channels. Additionally, a brightness control is available allowing overall dimming without changing colour. This control is available in both modes of operation.

    The mode is selected by a momentary push switch, and the current mode is displayed through a red and green on-board LED.

    On power up, the controller will be in the same mode it was last set to. Other and custom LED Lighting programmes can be created and embedded into the AM2 chip, on request.

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